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Brow Artistry

I fell in love with eyebrows about 5 years ago.  In that time I have created a signature service I call, "Trim, Wax, Tweeze." My specialty is Brow Rehab.  I help reshape uneven brows. Can't wax due to skin sensitivity? Book my "Tweeze Only" service.  Great shaping without the wax.

Service Includes:


Brow Mapping

"Trim,Wax,Tweeze" Service

Complimentary Brow Tint or Fill


Full Body Waxing

Are you tired of shaving stubble, cuts and ingrowns?  Let me use my 20 years of skill to make your waxing experience quick and comfortable.  I only use hard wax for all services.  Hard wax sticks only to hair and not to skin, making your service faster and less painful.  My Barbadian Bikini is done is 15 minutes or less! Add an Ingrown Hair Treatment for even smoother results!

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