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Waxing Aftercare

No gym, tanning, sauna, steam room, or sexual activity for the first 24-48 hours.


48 hours after waxing, exfoliate every 2-3 days, gently with Coochie Care Pre/Post Wax Scrub, wash area with Coochie Care Soap, and treat with Ingrown Hair Serum.  after 7 days, continue washing with soap and moisturize with The Oil. 



Waxing/Brow Artistry FAQ’s


Does waxing hurt?


Yes, but being consistent with an appointment every 3-4 weeks will cause your hair to thin and roots to shrink, making each service less uncomfortable.


Why do you only use hard wax?


Hard wax only sticks to hair and not to skin.  This makes it much less painful than traditional strip wax.  It also melts at a lower temperature, lessening the chance of burns.  I can also cover a larger area with hard wax, making your service faster!


Do you double dip?


ABSOLUTLEY NOT!  I use one stick per application of wax, then that stick is thrown away and never re-used.


What is the difference between Bikini Line, Bottomless Bikini, and Barbadian?


Bikini Line is a cleanup of the sides and top of the bikini area.


Bottomless Bikini is as much or as little as you want from the entire bikini area, but does not include the rear area.


Barbadian is as much or as little as you want from the front and includes the rear area.


I have some hair that was missed, is there a charge to come back and fix that?


You have 5 days to return for a free touch up, if hair was missed at your last appointment.


How often should I be waxing?

Every three to four weeks will lessen the chance of ingrown hairs and shrink the hair roots for a less painful wax.


How should I prepare for a waxing service?

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!  This frees the hair from any dead skin for a cleaner result.  Moisturize!  Yes, this softens the skin and hair, prepping them for your service.


Do not trim!  You don’t know the length of hair needed for a complete waxing service, and I will send you home to grow out your hair, if it is too short.


If I’m running late, can I still get waxed?

I book waxing appointments every 15 mins.  You have an 8 minute grace period.  After that, you will have to reschedule if you have one service booked.  If you have multiple services booked, you will have to cancel one or more of your services to fit in the allotted time.

Why are there two different prices for Brow Artistry?

Clients who are coming to me for the first time for this service must sit for a consultation and brow mapping.  Usually, I am fixing a mistake that someone else has done, and that takes time.  But, once you have sat with me for your initial appointment, your next appointment, will be at the returning client rate.  The only exception is if you have seen me before, but have not returned in 60 days or more.  Then you will have to be consulted and brow mapped again, and will be charged the First Time Client rate.



Makeup FAQ’s


How do I prepare for makeup?

Exfoliate the night before the appointment.  Clean, washed face the day of the appointment.  Brow appointment with me or somewhere else…but brows must be done.


Can I bring someone with me?

Unfortunately, no.  Only the client is allowed in the studio during the appointment time, unless you are a minor (under 18). 


Do you travel?

Yes!  There will be an added charge if the location is more than 45 mins away from my studio location.


What are the benefits of a bridal trial?

With a trial, we can discuss your theme, skin conditions, and any looks you may have seen in pictures.  We can discuss timing, how many people in your party that will need services, and any extras needed that can alter the base rate.


How long after a trial do you need an answer?

Take as long as you like!  But also know that if someone else books on the day you need, and has paid their deposit, I cannot cancel them for you.


What is included in the bridal base rate?

Full makeup, and lashes

Not included, travel more than 45 mins away from my studio location.


What type of payment do you take?

Cash, Credit/Debit cards only in studio.  Only cash will be accepted for appointments outside of the studio.


Why do you need a deposit?

Yes, there is a 50%, non-refundable deposit on all makeup services in order to book.  This protects me in the event of any last minute cancellations.  I am very busy especially during peak season and could have booked a paying client on that day.

Product FAQ's

Are your products vegan?

The Soap is purely plant oil based.  The Scrub contains beeswax.

How do I use them?

The Scrub is to be used pre wax applied and rubbed in gentle circular motions and rinsed.  Then repeated 24 hours post wax, 2-3 times a week.

The Soap can be used every day pre and post wax. You can also use it on your entire body!

What is your return policy?

All product refund requests will be accepted up to 7 days after product is received, less shipping.

E-book is non-refundable.

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