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Learn to use hard wax!!

I remember being fresh out of beauty school and still feeling lost when it came to waxing.  I had no idea how to do a proper brazilian, and no idea that there were different kinds of wax available!

What I did realize is my school only prepared me to take a state board exam.......that's all  And this was almost twenty years ago, and it's still happening!

So I decided to use all of the skills I taught myself, and picked up from other amazing waxers through the years, and bring it to you, the licensed professional.

Hard wax is an amazing product that is not only gentle on clients skin, it can speed up your service times.  That allows you to book more, and make more money!

I offer 2 options:


3 Day Class $350

For licensed beauty professionals interested in learning full body waxing with hard wax

Day 1

Intro to Basics/Picking Up/Practice

Day 2


Day 3

Live model training

Pay your deposit here:

1 Day Speed Brazilian $250

For licensed beauty professionals looking to learn how to use hard wax to speed up their brazilian service times.  You will learn my special pattern to get a brazilian done in 15 minutes or less!

Pay your deposit here:




All class materials are included.  Students will receive a certificate of completion.


Once deposit is received, Allow 7 days to receive materials before attending class.


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