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How To Have A Great Wax

I attended a wonderful women's empowerment event, where I performed brow services.  When I mentioned what else I waxed, the women ALL had the same reaction.  "Oh no, I heard it hurts!" I told them the truth, yes, it does.  But, only for a second, if done right.  I also went on to let them know the positive things about it, like how long the hair stays away etc.  They were intrigued but still leery.

So, I wanted to share some information on how to have a GREAT wax experience. Let's go!!!

Before You Go....

Seek out a LICENSED cosmetologist, esthetician or wax specialist.

Your local nail lady should not be waxing you, unless she is licensed to do so.  Nail specialty and wax specialty are two separate licenses.  Those credentials should be prominently displayed.

Do not shave, trim or tweeze. 

Sounds like common sense right???  I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked by new clients, "Should I shave before I come in?"  The answer is no!!!  Obviously, if you shave, I will have nothing to wax.  Do not even trim.  If necessary, your technician will do any trimming.

I almost never trim.  In my opinion, the hair comes off cleaner when it has a little length.  but it does hurt a little more, especially if it is your first time.

Do not apply any oil or lotion to the area being waxed.

Your technician will apply a pre-wax cleanser to remove it anyway, but it will take a lot of extra time to remove freshly applied lotion.  If using hard wax, your tech will apply a small amount of oil prior to wax application, but only if needed.


Yes, before you go you should exfoliate the area being waxed.  This gets rid of any dry, dead skin, and frees up any hair that may be hiding under it.  Use a sugar scrub, like my Coochie Care Pre/Post Wax Scrub prior to waxing. You can also use a loofah glove.  But, be not rub yourself raw.

During Your Appointment

Remember to breathe.......don't hold your breath, it will only make you more tense.  I always have my clients blow out a big exhale, especially when removing the labia strips of a Barbadian wax.

Inform your tech if the wax is too hot! Most well trained techs will know, simply by the consistency of the wax, whether it is too hot or cold.  But they should always ask by the first strip application.  Wax should be very warm, not scalding.  If that first strip is scalding, let them know!  Do not be silent!!

Make sure your technician is not double dipping.  After every strip is applied, that stick is to be thrown directly in the garbage.  No matter what part of your body being waxed.  The heat from the wax will not kill germs!!!  Would you like to have a lip wax from a pot that has been double dipped during a bikini wax???  I wouldn't either.  Also, do not let the tech blow on the product, spit and germs from their mouth will get on the product that is about to be applied to your face or privates!  Waving the stick is a better option to cool wax prior to application.

There will be blood......

If it is your first time waxing, especially if you have been shaving or have thick/coarse hair, you will see some pinpoint bleeding. It's nothing major, just do not be surprised.

Your tech will apply any post wax products that will aid in protecting your freshly waxed skin.

Post Waxing

Pre-Book your next appointment before you leave.  You should stay on a 4 week schedule for body waxing, 2-3 weeks for the face. It will help you stick to the schedule and not go over, causing your hair to get too long, and cause more pain at the next appointment.

Men should bring a clean t-shirt to change into, so as not to put any dirt, sweat or oils from the previous shirt, back on to freshly waxed skin.

For the next 24 hours, DO NOT.....swim, go to the gym, or have sex.

Avoid sunlight without protection, which you should be doing anyway.

Do not touch the waxed area unless you have washed your hands.

24 hours after waxing, begin exfoliating.  Here is where you can use a sugar scrub like my Coochie Care Pre/Post Wax Scrub.  It contains lavender and tea tree oils to help keep your pores clean and clear of debris, and help prevent ingrown hairs.

If you develop an ingrown, DO NOT PICK IT!!!!!  You will do more damage than good.  continue with your exfoliation, and use Pink's Potion! That is my ingrown hair serum. This serum contains a triple acid complex that treats and prevents ingrown hairs. 

I hope this info was helpful to you!  If you're looking for a qualified wax tech in the Metro NYC area log on to my website and book your appointment with me. You can also purchase my all natural intimate skin care products there as well in the "Shop" section.

Happy Waxing!!

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